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Introduction to Ayurveda

Introduction to Ayurveda
Ayu - Wellbeing or Life & Veda - Science defines the method or the science of wellbeing, it is the foundation of all medical systems that we see currently, even if most of its fundamentals are buried in time the reminiscence itself is enough to create paradigm shifts in modern understandings of human mind body and soul. some of the ayurvedic features can only be currently explained by quantum theories and deep mathematics

Currently more scientific than ever before in " modern " history, more and more is indulging in its practices for better healthier life, where western or current allopathic sciences fail Ayurveda is a miracle healer

Focusing on the very fundamental elements in the universe where everything is energy at the most basic level Ayurveda is the science that is used to balance off any imbalances of base elements in the mind-body and soul

Mentioned in scriptures dating millennials the reasons for ailments, causes, lifestyles to be followed to every little detail is vastly explained

Modern research continuously backs its principles even if validations are not required on this stable science of Ayurveda

Helping the modern stressed and pressured society to balance and create equilibrium in a holistic aspect which includes the mind-body and soul

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