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Our Story

Frella Aloe Cucumber Gel

FRELLA’s Natural Skin Care products are hand-made skin care remedies crafted by certified herbalist.

This 5,000-year-old ancient science from Sri Lanka is built on the notion that beauty comes from within and by using all-natural ingredients mixed to perfection.

We assist our customers with acne and blemish reduction, controlling oil amounts present in skin and nutrition systems to decrease the signs of aging. The brand focuses more on approaching modern day personal care in a more holistic way, without the use and application of Parabens, synthetic fragrance, dyes, petrochemicals, PEGs, SLS and other harmful ingredients. Give FRELLA all natural ayurvedic beauty products a try and feel good knowing you are taking a step towards a healthier, more beautiful skin, while moving towards a holistic approach in skin care.

“As long as we are not living in harmony with nature and our constitution, we cannot expect ourselves to be really healed. Ayurveda gives us the means.”

— David Frawley


Sudath Horadagoda, Founder of Frella

Sudath Horadagoda

Founder / Chairman

Growing up in a serine mountainous background, in the heart of Sri Lanka and always being in touch with the beauty of nature, made my mind wonder deeper into understanding the integration between nature and humankind. The connection we humans have with mother nature can even remotely be understood with cutting edge sciences like quantum biology. All of this fascinates my mind to explore more and more in to the holistic wellness realm. Building up a carrier with quite a few renowned brands and being groomed in those concepts and systems I saw the big gap of true authentic wellness in the modern consumer market and FRELLA was born 7 years back to fill this growing gap.

Growing the brand and innovating new concepts to re-present the time trusted ancient wellness, I am deeply engaged in the science of Ayurveda & various wellness systems that will drive our team in days ahead to create true authentic solutions. FRELLA brings back the authentic beauty & wellness care back to you in a sophisticated manner.

Before all these personal modernity was invented few centuries back what did we use? We have heard about the beauty of Cleopatra, indulge in the lush "Indian pancha kalyani" and carries similar stories in each culture and society worldwide, but which brands did they use is what we always ask, each and every culture had a deeper understanding of natural personal and beauty care, clearly much more then than what we know now and we study these deep formulations of incorporating nature / Ayurveda / holistic healing and beauty / herbs and extracts and bring out these hidden yet much much needed components back to your experience list.

Some of our ingredients, formulations and components used date back thousands of years and are derived in its most original form. Innovating, packaging, research and development in preserving the originality, FRELLA is about authentic wellness in modern sophisticated presentation. FRELLA has been loved by so many and it gives us utmost respect and dedication towards our consumers. Being the leader in authentic wellness and personals care in every market we touch by giving you a brand that is original and result driven is always our objective. Touching more and more consumers to truly heal and make them beautiful individuals has been our determination, and to thrive as an authentic wellness trend setter, is our vision!


Tharanga Deshapriya Perera, Frella

Tharanga Deshapriya Perera (Mr T)

General Manager

Veteran in sales having a wide array of experience in the fields of marketing and management Tharanga heads the overall operations as the general manager of the entire company

Having a passion in Ayurveda and being a self made expert in ayurveda production Tharanga has helped to create some of our well selling products loved by many consumers

Suranjana Perera, Frella

Suranjana Perera (Sura)

Director International Sales

Having experience with working with a multitude of international brands Suranjana heads the marketing arm and directs the international positioning of the brand, mainly handling key accounts in the western hemisphere and has been responsible for synergistically positioning the brand driving us forward towards success.

Kavishka Madushanka Perera, Frella

Kavishka Madushanka Perera (Kavi)

Chief Designer

Most of the labels are done by this creative expert and has a sound knowledge on designing elements relating to the wellness market.

One of the founding members of the company Kavi has helped to mold the brand to its current glory.

Sanjula Dep, Frella

Sanjula Dep

Head Accountant

A young accountant well qualified and with practical experience she is the key cost controller and managers the financial discipline of the company to meet our stakeholder obligations.


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Frella factory
Frella factory
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