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Natural Tea Tree And Coconut Body & Hair Oil 100ml

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Hydrate & repair dry, itchy, sunburned, or irritated skin and scalp.

Introducing our Natural Tea Tree Hair and Body Oil, a rejuvenating solution that nourishes your hair and pampers your skin. Infused with the goodness of tea tree oil, this versatile oil blend is carefully formulated to promote healthy skin and lustrous hair.

Harnessing the power of tea tree oil for skin, our oil delivers natural antiseptic properties, helping to cleanse and soothe your skin. It assists in maintaining a clear and balanced complexion, while reducing the appearance of blemishes and imperfections. Say goodbye to dull, troubled skin and hello to a refreshed, radiant glow.

Tea tree oil is also renowned for its benefits for hair health. Our unique blend helps to moisturize and condition your hair, promoting strength and vitality. It aids in reducing dryness and itchiness of the scalp, while encouraging a healthy environment for hair growth. Experience the joy of rejuvenated, silky-smooth strands with our Tea Tree Hair and Body Oil.

A light body oil made with coconut oil and tea tree oil It is 100% natural and made with soothing & healing plant botanicals. Great for all skin types but specifically helps to soothe dry, itchy, sunburned, or irritated skin. Makes a wonderful oil to use on legs after shaving. Our tea tree oil-infused formulas gently nourish, detox and sooth your scalp and skin. So, go ahead, sit back, relax, and enjoy the rinse.

Skin Type:

All skin types, All hair types

Suggested Use:

Apply directly to areas of concern, using fingertips or a cotton bud and gently pat into skin.


Tea Tree Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil



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