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Natural Ylang Ylang And Coconut Body & Hair Oil 30ml


Sweet, Aromatic Ylang Ylang Oil coupled with Virgin Coconut for Hair & Body Use

Age-old benefits of the exotic Ylang Ylang flower are distilled and merged with Virgin Coconut Oil to give you the best of both in our Frella Natural Ylang Ylang & Virgin Coconut Hair & Body Oil. Perfect for use on dry scalps and skin types, the Ylang Ylang component contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It also compliments coconut beautifully resulting in an overall enlivening effect, improving the strength and texture of hair while helping maintain moisturized and supple-looking skin.

Healthy hair starts with a healthy dose of hydration. This Ylang ylang oil treatment is specially formulated to revitalize and nourish your hair and offers many benefits in one luxurious deep pre-wash treatment, which we recommend to either use once a week before a wash as a pre-treatment or after wash (a few drops a time) as a finishing aid for smoothness and alignment of hair.

Skin Type:

All skin and hair types

Suggested Use:

Massage into your skin after a shower or add some Frella Ylang Ylang Oil into your ready-made mask/cream/moisturizer of choice. Or use it as a deep wash treatment.


Virgin Coconut Oil, Ylang Ylang

Our formula is infused with coconut oil that comes from the finest coconut trees in Sri Lanka where the farmers refer to them as “The Tree of Life” because of their many uses in health & beauty and also as the perfect summertime refresher. The Ylang ylang flowers are distilled for a floral scent with overtones of fruit and spice.



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