Organic Neem and Coconut Body & Hair Oil 100ml


Remedy for Acne, Deep Cleansing Solution to Balance Bacteria on the skin. Control Dandruff and revitalize hair and the scalp.



Anti-Aging and Sun protection.
For dry skin.
Reduce skin pigmentation.
Control eczema and psoriasis.
Anti-fungal, and contains active ingredients that are highly effective to treat topical fungal infections such as ring worm, toe and nail fungus and athletes foot.
Reduces redness and inflammation.

Battle hair loss.
Control dandruff
Help scalp itching and dryness.
Natural anti-fungal and antibacterial.
Restore natural pH level of the scalp.
How to use:

Skin Nourishment Use: Apply a thin layer and let it rest on the skin for an hour, wash off with warm water.
Hair Nourishment Use: Apply well on the scalp and hair, let it rest for two hours and wash off using warm water.

Neem (Azadirachta indica) & Virgin Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera)

Neem has been used in traditional medicine as a remedy for acne, because of the cleansing compounds that helps rid the skin of bacteria. It also helps reduces redness and inflammation.
Giving you the amazing benefits of the Neem plants the oil is extracted from its seeds and blended with Frella Organic Extra Virgin coconut oil for a great combo. For centuries these herbs have been around the world to ease and heal.
This product is not only used in hair but also used for dry skin as a body oil and many healing benefits.