Pure Aloe Vera with Natural Turmeric Body Moisture Gel 100ml


An intensive skin rejuvenating facial massage gel designed to nourish, hydrate and liven up dull and lifeless skin.

Frella’s Aloe Vera & Turmeric gel uses certified organic Aloe Vera blended with natural Turmeric. Turmeric will work as a cell regeneration supplement along with Aloe Vera which will make your skin glow. All natural Aloe Vera & Turmeric gel does not contain any harmful chemicals so you can be apply directly on your face. 

Skin Type:

All skin types and especially good for dry skin 

Suggested Use:

Apply a pinch of gel on your palm, spread and apply on the face. Wash and dry the face before applying the gel for best results. 

List of Ingredients:

Aloe Vera Gel blended with Natural Turmeric